Weekly Exhaust, The Podcast

That’s right. Your favorite contributors from Daily Exhaust—Michael Mulvey and Bryan Larrick—have taken to the digital air waves with a new podcast, Weekly Exhaust.
What is Weekly Exhaust? It’s a talk show version of what you see here. Bryan and I talk about whatever the hell we feel like talking about and we do it for about an hour, once a week. This usually includes technology news, hardware, software, shitty movies, great movies, cars, art, artists and writing to name a few topics.
We (try to) record on Friday mornings, and I usually have episodes edited and posted by Sunday night. It’s raw and we’re still figuring things out, but stick will us and I guarantee it will keep getting better with each new episode.
You can find Weekly Exhaust on iTunes and on the official Weekly Exhaust blog.
I don’t know him, but I want to give a big thank you to Dan Benjamin for generously posting his podcasting expertise on The Podcasting Handbook. I’m a big fan of Dan’s 5by5 Network.
Also, a thank you to Squarespace for making it super easy to syndicate a podcast from my Squarespace blog to iTunes (Squarespace really needs to sponsor this podcast, just a suggestion).