“Need to get this in front of my exec team by EOD Monday so hoping to sync up EOD Sunday.”

Over at McSweeney’s, Mike Lacher gives us Client Feedback On the Creation of Earth:

9 – Re: “mankind.” Interesting take on the brief here. Big pain point is that mankind is coming across as largely made in your image. As you hopefully recall from the deck, our users are a diverse group (slide twenty-seven) and we definitely want to make them feel represented (slide twenty-eight). Afraid that if our users see fleshy bipedal mammals positioned as “ruling over” the ground and sea (if we’re having sea), they might feel alienated and again less willing to convert into brand evangelists. Let’s fast-track an alt version with mankind removed. Doable?
This is a brilliant piece but almost too real for me.
It makes me sad when I think back to how many client projects included real emails like this fake one.
Clients can sometimes suck ass.