The Awl

At the Verge, Josh Dzieza reports on an interesting little media site, The Awl:

Soon cities will be stratified into classes of on-demand laborers, Herrman says, “app playgrounds” zoned by service radii. It’s going to get more interesting when you replace those people with robots, Buchanan says, adding that everyone will be eating soylent while the rich eat solid foods in surge-priced restaurants. “I can’t wait for the progressively priced food market,” Herrman says, with genuine enthusiasm, “that’s going to be great.” Struggling to keep a straight face, Buchanan describes college lectures with professors delivering sponsored native ads indistinguishable from the course — environmental science brought to you by Exxon. “In-app purchases for college! College premium! I can’t wait!” Herrman says. “The future is going to be amazing,” Buchanan says, dryly. “I’m so glad I’ll be dead.”

I’ve known about The Awl for a while now, but I can’t say I’ve read it lately. I might have to change that.