Ways to Remove “Um” From Your Speech

The Subreddit ‘LifeProTips’ has a great thread on ways to remove “um,” and words like it from your conversational vocabulary:

Replace your “ums” with spaces. You begin your thought with something as simple as “I’m…” space space space… then just finish your thought as it comes to you: “not really in the mood for spaghetti tonight.”

Eventually, the spaces will get shorter. “Um” and “uh” and “er” are crutches. Keep using them, and you’ll always need them.

I like mrwizard420’s response to this:

This is… absolutely correct. If you were to look at… certain famous people like… President Obama, you… would see this technique… used quite often.

(Bonus points if you read this in… the Obamavoice.)

Adding spacings and pauses in your speech is the most common piece of advice in this threaad.

As someone who’s continually trying to get better at talking on his podcast, this thread handy.