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What was it you said, Ed?

Palm’s chief Ed Colligan back in November (I wrote about this in my entry from 21 Nov 2007): “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.” You […]

This is who I picture on line for the iPhone

from the King of Comedy You know, someone like Rupert Pupkin, who can live at home with their mother in Jersey, wait on lines for days upon end for things, people, events. Detached from reality. Just replace his autograph book in this scene with an iPhone. Rupert says it perfectly in the scene above: “What’s […]

Why There’s an iPhone Craze.

This is real simple and doesn’t require a long-winded explanation. The iPhone is the floating car we imagined we’d be driving in the future. The Jetsons, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Minority Report …the iPhone is that touchscreen gadget they all used (metaphorically speaking) to communicate with. As John Gruber points out (so obvious we all […]

365 Days

Hey! my co-worker Paula just launched her fresh new site, 365 Days. Check it out, she crops her photos into squares. I kinda dig that. photo credit: Paula Tsai, 365 Days

Links For Today 6.26.2007

RealPlayer beta released: no Mac, iPod support (yet) – Does anyone still use RealPlayer? “Maybe” is one option too many – Zeldman’s right about getting rid of Maybe on sites like Evite, but I’m not down with his argument for 4 star ratings being a better alternative to 5-star ratings. I’m also not buying his […]

WSJ Spittin’ Out Some Exhaust

This is only interesting to me, but it looks as though this site’s feed is getting picked up by Sphere, who syndicates content for I discovered this when I noticed I was getting referrals from this WSJ article. I must be an ‘official’ blog or something.


IMG_5209.JPG, originally uploaded by combustionchamber

Anything is Better Than 12-button Texting

I know the tension in the air is so thick you could cut a knife with it regarding the iPhone launch next week (at least it is in Manhattan), but I have one more thing I have to ask: Is typing on the iPhone’s on-screen QWERTY keyboard going to be THAT much more difficult than […]

Can’t Beat the Classics

l.v.10, originally uploaded by stoptimephotos. I’ve discovered a Flickr Group made just for me – Art of Classic Cars (DETAIL SHOTS ONLY!). Love it.

The Obvious News 6.21.2007

Touch-Screen Phones Poised for Growth – Wow. Ya think? You figure Apple would have thought of something like that already. Gates, Pace Say More Casualties Ahead in Iraq – But Bush doesn’t like using stem cells. Let’s em get killed fighting a bullshit war. Makes so much sense. EMI sales climb on iTunes Plus plan […]

To the People of Manhattan

Ladies – you’re not allowed to wear sandals or any other fashionable, toe-exposing footwear if you haven’t had a pedicure. If you have nasty feet, keep em covered. This holds true for the guys too. If your feet look like Godzilla’s … I don’t want to see them.

Links For Today 6.20.2007

A Really Big Show | The New York Times – “Vincent Laforet describes the process of making a series of tilt-shift photographs at sporting events. The feature allows users to view images at a significantly larger size.” (thanks Larrick) Photo by Vincent Laforet Studio Output – nice transitions, clear, very readable. Screengrab: Studio Output website