comedy I didn’t see coming

Maurice Saatchi, executive director of M&C Saatchi has had a revelation on saving advertising (He doesn’t say that in the article but someone is going to have to show companies ‘the way’ and why not Saatchi). Why is advertising dying? Oh this stupid thing we have called technology. Yeah, technology is making things difficult for the Saachi brains. His solution? See below:

What I am describing here is a new business model for marketing, appropriate to the digital age. In this model, companies compete for global ownership of one word in the public mind.


For example, the word “search” is now owned by Google. For 20 years, “favourite” was owned by British Airways. Sony used to own “innovation”, but that word has probably now been taken by Apple. Royal Bank of Scotland, in its US marketing, will soon own “action”. The same applies to political parties or countries – Britain’s Labour party won three elections with the word “new”. America’s one-word equity is “freedom”.

More woah. Innovation has ‘probably’ been taken by Apple? I never knew Sony had it? It must be great to be at the top of the company and can afford to just make shit up.
Oh and Maurice has made a really nasty, bloated Flash site for his new paradigm. Ooof that is nasty! Why not carry over the simplicity of one word equity and make a simple, clear site?
Truly Amazing. Great rhetoric there, mister Saachi guy.