Links For Today 11.19.2007

Rita Flórez on Why Zines Won’t Die
‘SNL’ Staff Fired En Masse – Um, wow. I didn’t see that coming. I haven’t been in a union since I was a service clerk at Shop Rite when I was 16, but isn’t the point of being a union member so you can avoid things like that happening to you?
The Future of Reading (via DF) – It will be interesting to see how this project pans out. Music, photos, documents, they’re all digital, it’s inevitable that books will be too, but I can’t help but get sad to think about how the art of bookmaking will die.
False Endorsement specializes in designs relating to “some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th-century fiction.” Other popular T-shirts on the site, which went up in June, include one for Tyrell (“More Human Than Human” is its motto), maker of genetic replicants in “Blade Runner,” and Polymer Records, a music label in “This Is Spinal Tap.”

In the destructive element immerse!

photo: Hunter S Thompson Forever Weird
From the Times review of GONZO -The Life of Hunter S. Thompson:

In compiling this oral history, Jann Wenner and Corey Seymour could easily have succumbed to the same temptation that Hunter did: to celebrate the myth, to recount a numbing parade of hilarious, drug-addled Hunter stories, and to miss the man. Happily, they have produced a rigorous and honest piece of work. “Gonzo” is a wonderfully entertaining chronicle of Hunter’s wild ride, but it is also a detailed, painful account of his self-destructive immersions…

My Mind

From Wikipedia:

Solipsism (Latin: solus, alone + ipse, self) is the philosophical idea that “My mind is the only thing that exists”.Solipsism is an epistemological or metaphysical position that knowledge of anything outside the mind is unjustified.

Coppin’ My Style

Have you ever been in a meeting, and someone is trying to explain their point, but they’re having trouble finding the right words?
So once they’re done talking, you respond, and understanding the person’s point better than they do, you use the correct word in your explanation.
Then, as the person continues their presentation, they repeatedly use the word you nailed over and over again?
I hate that. Use your own damn words, don’t use mine.


For the sake of the sanity of audiences around the world, please stop using Powerpoint. It is a horrible program.
The only way you can be allowed to use Powerpoint is if you replace all your slides with photos.
Presentations are to be seen and heard, not read. If you can’t write something very brief and interesting, use an image.
This concludes Thursday’s Rant.

Russell Crowe Loves New Jersey

Are you aware of this fact? Yes, it’s a fact. He’s an actor who can have do any movie he chooses, and his focus lately keeps pointing back to the Garden State.
…and why shouldn’t he love New Jersey? It’s a state rich in, well, everything. People. History. Money. You need more answers? Fuck you, go talk to The Wu Tang Clan, Jack Nicholson, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci or Frank Sinatra if you’re not quite clear. Actually, swing by place, and I’ll straight ya out.
Back to Mr. Crowe, lets take a look at his resume of Jerz:
American Gangster, 2007
Russell plays Richie Roberts, a detective from Jersey City, trying to take down Frank Lucas and his herione empire in Harlem, New York.
Cinderella Man, 2005
Russell plays Jim Braddock who’s considered a washed up boxer but makes an amazing comeback in his career. Although Braddock was born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, his parents relocated the family early on to West New York in Hudson County, New Jersey.
A Beautiful Mind, 2001
Russell plays American mathmetician John Forbes Nash. Yes, Nash is original from West Virginia, but where does most the movie take place? Princeton University, in Princeton New Jersey.
Gladiator, 2001
Most people don’t know this, but Gladiator was not about the Roman Empire, but about an ancient tribe of warriors from East Orange, New Jersey. Mr. Crowe played General Maximus Decimus Meridius. General Maximum cohabitated peacefully with the American Indians. The arena fights from the movie actually happened on what is present day Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey.
Russell Crowe, Jersey cop taking down an American gangster
Russell Crowe, Jersey boxer kicking ass
Russell Crowe, A beautiful mind in Jersey
Russell Crowe, New Jersey Gladiator