RAZR: Not a Classic

Jacob Kastrenakes at the Verge on Lenovo’s new ad:

Lenovo put out an ad this afternoon teasing the unveiling of Motorola’s next… something… that’s all about reliving the Razr’s incredible success in the mid-2000s. The phone really was everywhere. And as a former high school student who owned a Razr (which broke after like a year, by the way) and maybe had long hair, I gotta tell you, this ad is speaking to me in a very embarrassing way.

And after watching this, I have to say: Lenovo, please just make your next phone a Razr. Not a Razr smartphone. Just bring back the classic.

Let’s get something straight. The hardware design of the Razr might be a classic, but the software was shit. This applies not just to the Razr but every other mobile phone from 2005.

Mobile phones were horrible and frustrating to use.

The only exception to this could be the early smartphones (pre-iPhone) like the Palm Treo I relied on before I got my iPhone in 2008.