Building the ‘Parasite’ House: How Bong Joon Ho and His Team Made the Year’s Best Set

Bong described the home as “its own universe inside this film.” He added that he took pleasure in hearing that the famous directors on this year’s Cannes jury — which included Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Kelly Reichardt — were all convinced that the movie took place in a real home. In truth, Bong asked his production designer to create an “open set,” built on an outdoor lot.

Parasite was a wild ride.

The Best Thing About This Smartwatch Is the Strap — Looks like (Android) Wear OS is still meandering in mediocrity while Apple Watch is eating the entire Swiss watch industry. Favorite quote by Victoria Song: Wear OS still kinda sucks, but in a dull, this-isn’t-exciting way rather than the shitshow it used to be. Sign me up!

Nikola teases an electric pickup with 600 miles of range — So there\’s a electric vehicle start-up called Nikola. Groan. And they\’re teasing a vehicle they haven\’t made, that doesn\’t exist. People just love doing unboxing videos before they even have something to box, don\’t they?



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