Fun Perspectives from Old News

I’m a link hoarder.

I’ve found a cool upside to this condition.

It’s called, Fun Perspectives from Old News.

Here’s one from June 2019 in The Atlantic:

Late in May, the Louvre closed. The museum’s workers walked out, arguing that overcrowding at the home of the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo had made the place dangerous and unmanageable. “The Louvre suffocates,” the workers’ union said in a statement written in French, citing the “total inadequacy” of the museum’s facilities to manage the high volume of visitors.

Half a world away, a conga line of mountaineers waited to approach the summit of Mount Everest, queued up on a knife’s-edge ridge, looking as if they had chosen to hit the DMV at lunchtime. A photograph of the pileup went viral; nearly a dozen climbers died, with guides and survivors arguing that overcrowding at the world’s highest peak was a primary cause, if not the only one.

Turns out 2020 had a solution planned to 2019’s ‘overtourism’ problem.

What’s that now?

Not enough people are travelling in 2020 to sustain airlines and tourist destinations?

Man, you humans are a fickle bunch.