Flat Tires

I don’t understand how the fuck people think it’s ok to release smart watches with cut off screens?

First was the Moto 360 (aka the Moto “270”).

Now the Alcatel OneTouch:

The chopped screen ruins an otherwise (seemingly) solid hardware design.

And don’t give me the bullshit excuse that they did that to “make room for hardware components.”



Suunto Lumi


My Suunto Lumi watch (Suunto calls them ‘wrist computers’) arrived this past week. It’s the first watch I’ve worn in around 8 years. I saw it posted on a gadget blog and fell in love with it. I mean, look at it, how could you not?

The only issue I have with the watch is the fluorescent orange band. I’m going to try and get a custom leather band made for it.




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