Monthly Archives: February 2010 – no visual heirarchy

I have to say, since they redesigned their site in 2009, there’s absolutely no heirarchy on the homepage of Apparently a spotlight on Facebook games is more important than the biggest recall in automotive history by Toyota. Unless you were looking at the advertisement on the right first. (2010 update)

Giving a linkup to my boy Victor’s impressive 2010 portfolio redesign. I first linked up to Victor’s site in 2007 while I was working at Schematic. Two weeks after my linkup, by sheer coincidence, he’s interviewing with my design team and gets hired. Fast forward 3 years and we’re good friends and working together at […]

More thoughts on the Adobe Flash OS & Phone

I don’t have the luxury of being able to write on as much as I’d like so many times topics and theses on my mind end up scattered into separate posts and tweets. So back to my proposition that Adobe take Flash to it’s logical end and have it function as the core operating system […]

Adobe Needs Their Own Phone

I’ve been reading, thinking and talking a lot about the iPhone and iPad and their lack of Adobe Flash. My problem, as always, is that I see both sides of the argument. The Argument Against Flash First, I see Jobs’ point of view – Flash is processor hog, buggy and hasn’t been optimized for mobile […]

It’s all about the consumer, really

I love it (via MacNN): The GSM Association today unveiled an alliance for a common app store platform meant to challenge Apple. Known as the Wholesale Applications Community, the service will create an open, standard way of developing and selling apps across multiple phone operating systems and networks. The partnership will include phone builders LG, […]

Costa Rica

Costa Rica. I’m a fan. Gina and I spent 6 days walking, sunning, swimming, eating, drinking, sunning, eating and drinking. Oh, we also did some zip-lining through the jungles in Guanacaste province.