Monthly Archives: June 2011

RIM, Buy Yourself A Clue

A “high level RIM employee” shot off an open letter the co-CEO’s of RIM pleading for them to get their heads out of their asses (in so many words). Although the points this person makes I’ve read elsewhere and thought myself, it’s still sound advice: Rather than constantly mocking iPhone and Android, we should encourage […]


So yes, Google is now in the social networking game with their new Google+. Some people have written about how well-designed it is from a UI perspective. Others have bashed them and dismissed the project. Here’s the deal. Google, as a company must do at some point, has to evolve. If they don’t they’ll end […]


Missile Test weighs in on all the defense spending going on in the United States and also how we as US citizens are enjoying our ‘freedoms’: Americans have less personal freedoms since the attacks on 9/11. We are watched, spied upon, patted down, forced to peel down layers of clothing, etc. Thousands are humiliated everyday, […]

The Right

In light of New York’s legalizing of same sex marriages, Chris Rock’s thoughts from his 2004 act seem appropriate: People always say that we can’t have gay marriage because marriage is a sacred institution, that happens in the church. It’s sacred… no it’s not! Marriage ain’t sacred! Not in America! Not in the country that […]

I’ve Got My Stuff Wherever I Am

This video of Steve Jobs giving the closing keynote of the 1997 Worldwide Develops Conference (via) is awesome on 2 levels. First, it’s awesome on the macro level. Jobs on the mic – showing clarity of vision, expressing that vision clearly and concisely and showing he understands the technology space. For anyone who’s seen any […]

Everything In Its Right Place

Over at Wired UK, Olivia Solon says book publishing is having it’s Radiohead Moment with the move by JK Rowling to publish her own e-books on her new platform, Pottermore. Platform! Ha! How about that. I was just writing about fucking platforms yesterday. I didn’t even plan that.

Fuck the Platform

Sometimes I feel like the guys at 37Signals are the only voices of reason in the realms of business, design and technology. With everyone saying the platform is the end-all, David says fuck the platform: For all the 200,000 apps in Apple’s app store, I use two on a regular basis: Echofon and Bloomberg. Once […]

The HP TouchPad is available, but not really.

I just got an email from HP announcing the ability to pre-order. Aside from the phone number at the top, there is nothing clickable, save for the tiny ‘Learn More’ link buried at the bottom. Honestly, who calls to pre-order their computers, or phones, or anything in today’s world? If you click on the ‘Learn […]