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It’s both thrilling and frightening.

Randy Murray gets poetically hyperbolic on Steve Jobs and the future of Apple: Isaac Asimov wrote a very interesting series of novels called “The Foundation.” In them, his character, Hari Seldon, developed a science called psychohistory, with which he was able to accurately predict the large scale course of human events. It’s a great series, […]

Joshua Davis

It’s great to see Joshua Davis is not only still creating great designs, but also using Flash, a technology we keep hearing is no longer relevant in today’s mobile world. As you can see from the Voice Visualizer application Davis created, Flash is an extremely powerful instrument in the right hands, capable of outputting immersive […]

Remember punch cards? I don’t.

If you’re like me and dig retro graphics, things from the 50’s & 60’s and computers, you’ll have to check out the Computer History Museum (via cirox). They have large PDF versions for all sorts of old computer brochures.


Influencer: Steve Jobs announces the iPhone, January 2007 Influenced: Jeff Bezos announces the Kindle Touch, September 2011

A New Set of Beliefs

Raymond V. Gilmartin over at Harvard Business Review says CEOs need a new set of beliefs: In my experience, these beliefs have led managers and boards to take actions that have had unintended, destructive consequences. When observing the behavior of management and corporate boards, when reading the management literature and the business press, and when […]

The Problem is the Problem

Aza Raskin recounts the story of Henry Kremer and the competition for the first plane powered by human and how Paul MacCready approached it in a much different way than everyone else: A decade went by. Dozens of teams tried and failed to build an airplane that could meet the requirements. It looked impossible. Another […]

Gone In 60 Seconds

Carscoop on how technology is making our cars more vulnerable to attack: The modern automobile is a microcosm for our networked society. Everything from the brakes to the dual-zone climate control and from the windscreen wipers to the CD player is connected through a Controller-Area-Network (CAN) bus. Like the nerves in our bodies, this network […]

People don’t poke anymore.

Ellis Hamburger over at Business Insider says Facebook is losing it’s identity because they’re hiding the ‘Poke’ button. This is bullshit. Facebook isn’t losing it’s identity, it’s growing up. It’s no longer the site requiring a college email address to sign up for. It’s a multi-billion dollar company. You don’t see me driving across lawns […]

Wikipedia Logo

Continuing the in new tradition of morphing, modular logos (see MIT, AOL, OCAD U) comes the redesign of the logo for Wikipedia by Moving Brands. via FastCoDesign

You can’t get rid of wealth.

Malcolm Gladwell on The Nets and NBA Economics: One of the great forgotten facts about the United States is that not very long ago the wealthy weren’t all that wealthy. Up until the 1960s, the gap between rich and poor in the United States was relatively narrow. In fact, in that era marginal tax rates […]


Marvel Minimalist Posters