Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nixie Tubes

Late last year, Apple announced a recall of 1st generation iPod Nanos due to a (potential) battery defect. If you qualified and sent them your old Nano, they would mail you a brand new one. My wife had a 1st gen Nano, so I had it replaced. Upon getting the new Nano, I began to […]


After watching this video on Gizmodo, that was my reaction – Windows 8 actually looks fun to use. Now I have no idea how many holes are in Microsoft’s new OS and I hate that it goes back into classic, ‘non-Metro’ mode, but how awesome would it be if Microsoft wupped Google’s ass in the […]

Luuuuuuuke. I am your charger.

Joao Paulo Lammoglia created a concept design for an electronics charger which converts your breath into electricity: The one he has pictured I can only assume is the Storm Trooper edition. I want to know when the black, Vader edition comes out. via PSFK

Variegated Planes

Oh snap. Feltron has a new biennal report for sale on his site. Count me in. via Kottke

Foxconn & Apple

Mike Daisy reacts to David Pogue’s response to ABC’s Dateline special on the Foxconn factory producing Apple’s iPads: You can’t get “informed consent” in a country without real personal freedom. These arguments are pathetic–they’re structurally nearly identical to the ones made in the 19th century justifying slavery. The fact that workers take these jobs because […]

A New Home(screen)

Shawn Blanc thinks about the possibilities of the next Home screen on iOS: Not until recently have we felt much of a need for a revamped home screen. Since 2007 iOS has evolved significantly in both its functionality (i.e. multitasking and Notification Center) and in the amount of available apps (thus folders, and multiple Home […]

Life is talking with people.

I lived at 100 East 7th Street in the East Village in NYC from 2000 until 2005 in my uncle-in-law’s rent-controlled apartment (I’ll make you cry a little – it was a 2 bedroom unit I paid $600 a month for). It wasn’t until I got married and moved and my brother took over the […]


Cute little bastard, isn’t it. Kind of reminds me of the Nissan Figaro. via Motoriginal


Abdel Ibrahim and Jon Dick’s post about the Samsung Galaxy Note inspired me to put their words into an advertisement: via The Brooks Review

The Response

Last month marked 5 years since the iPhone was first introduced. Research In Motion has had their research in motion for the last 5 years and they’ve finally responded to the smartphone challenge and the current leaders in this space, Google and Apple: You’ve had 5 fucking years and this is your response? Looks lovely, […]

Work Sucks in China? Who Knew?

Apple announced yesterday that a nonprofit group it partly finances, the Fair Labor Association, would begin inspections at supplier factories in China, most notably Foxconn. This follows a string of horrific stories coming out about Foxconn in recent months, some detailing suicides by workers protesting draconian working conditions. Apple’s moves are an important first step, […]