hand cursor alternates

After the hugely successful Hand & Arrow Cursors post that went viral a few weeks ago thanks to swissmiss and Michael Surtees, I decided to follow up with a iconographic exercise with the OS X ‘Mickey Mouse glove’ hand cursor.

hand cursor alternates

There’s 9 12 versions of the hand:

  1. standard OS X, roll-over-link hand
  2. thumbs up
  3. thumbs down
  4. fist (or ‘grab’ state)
  5. the finger (you know which one)
  6. The ‘hang-ten’, or alternately – the I-hold-my-drink-like-a-nancy hand
  7. the rock-n-roll hand
  8. the spidey-web-spinning-hand (swappable with the rock-n-roll hand)
  9. the talk-to-the-hand hand, or stop-right-there hand
  10. A-OK
  11. Fingers crossed
  12. peace sign download them all here as a PSD.

UPDATE: I’ve added a fourth row of additional icons.

I’ve gotten a few requests already for the *shocker version. I’d like to keep this post PG-rated. I think there’s enough reference material to make your own versions. 🙂

hand cursor alternates


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