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Not a Van

Ben Brooks decided a car (van) metaphor was most appropriate to explain the limitations he felt with the Google Nexus 7 tablet, so of course this gets a linkup on Daily Exhaust: Let me use a car metaphor for you (because you love it when I do that). Imagine you own three vans: a “normal” […]


Another bit worth mentioning from Siricusa’s Mountain Lion Review regarding how Apple handles (or doesn’t handle) messaging in the new Messages applicaiton (it replaced iChat): The new interface combined with the new protocol leads to an experience that I found confusing. Send a message using the Messages application and a window may appear on one […]

Sync Your Wife’s iPhone. Now.

Do me a favor. Make sure your wife’s (of girlfriend’s) iPhone has been synced and has an iCloud account associated with it. Right now. Do it. I’m not saying this to sound like Don Draper. I’m saying this because most of women I know don’t sync their iPhones. Like my friend Frank, who texted me […]

Dreams So Real

The new album from Metric is pretty good (but not as good as their last one, Fantasies, which was off the hook).


This site, for the most part, is for thoughts I have to get out of my head. Hence, the ‘exhaust’ in Daily Exhaust. If you’re interested in what I consume during Intake (if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, familiarize yourselves with the 4-stroke cycle of an engine), check out my Pinterest […]

Fine. Windows 8 is Fully-Baked.

At Ars Technica, Peter Bright has a review of Windows 8, and it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows: Using the desktop with fingers is horrible in Windows 7, and it remains horrible in Windows 8. It will probably stay horrible until the end of time. It’s not a surprise to anyone that this is the […]

Here’s to the hypercritical ones…

I’m about one third of the way through John Siricusa’s 24-page tome of a review of OS X Mountain Lion. As is expected from Hypercritical Man, he did a thorough job. He discovered the icon for Notes application “includes the partial text of the narration (“Here’s to the crazy ones…”) from Apple’s Think Different ad […]

No Puede Esperar

El Libro que No Puede Esperar: “A book printed with light- and air-sensitive ink that fades away in two months.” via Laughing Squid

Skeuomorphism in the Real World

The Hozuki Lantern is an LED camping lantern with “Candle Mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with a flicker of light…” Apple’s been guilty of using extra Skeuomorphism Sauce in it’s history of interfaces, and now we’re starting to see this ‘simulation thinking’ bleed into other industries. Welcome to the […]

Gardens Need Walls

Since Apple launched the App Store in 2008, there’s been an ever-increasing amount of attention paid to how it’s a ‘walled garden’. Most of the people who use this term usually say this is a bad thing and are proponents of Android’s ‘open’ platform. The thing is, if there’s any place that needs walls, it’s […]

Rabbits and Apples

Influencer: Logo, Volkswagen Rabbit (1974) Influenced: 2x speed icon, Podcasts App, iOS 5, June 2012