Monthly Archives: April 2015

Poof: Secret App Shuts Down

Secret raised a total of $35 million dollars, but they’re shutting down. The question isn’t whether we needed an app that let you anonymously post short messages, but whether said app is worth one-hundred-million-fucking-dollars.

This Is the End

Over at the New York Times, Logan Hill on last Sunday’s episode of Mad Men: “That’s what the money is for” has got to be the “Mad Men” line I think of most often (especially on bad work days as a freelancer). And it’s the line I thought about at the end of the episode, […]

Desire, Not Necessity

It needs to justify its existence no more than any other watch — mechanical or electronic — ever made. Of course you don’t need it. No one, not one person on the face of the earth, needs any $400 watch, Apple Watch or otherwise. The right question is simply “Do you want one?” It’s about […]

Product Adoption

Note that few say, “The device I have doesn’t have the right features.” That’s because features don’t create problems that we can solve by embracing a new idea or technology. Our stories do. A missing feature might provide some of the narrative of our internal story, but most of all, the story is built around […]

This Should Go Fine

At, Brad Reed on Microsoft’s plans to let you port iOS and Android apps to Windows: Microsoft is raising the white flag when it comes to developing its own mobile app ecosystem — instead, it’s going to let developers easily bring their iOS and Android apps over to Windows 10 without having to completely […]

Microsoft: Still In a Red Ocean

At Re/code, Ina Fried on Microsoft’s Build Conference this week: When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes the stage on Wednesday at Microsoft Build, the most important event of the year for the once mighty software maker, it represents something of a last best chance to win over mobile developers. For all its power in the […]

Tripping a Debt Convenant

Wait, I’m not done with financial euphamisms, this one is regarding Ouya: Gaming company OUYA is on the auction block after tripping a debt covenant, according to a confidential email sent out earlier this month from CEO Julie Uhrman to company investors and advisors. Investment bank Mesa Global — which recently managed the sale of […]

Financial Euphamisms

At TechCrunch, Alex Wilhelm on Microsoft’s quarterly 10-Q document: Microsoft made waves recently by disclosing in its quarterly 10-Q document that its Phone business, which generates billions in yearly revenue, isn’t performing as well as it expected. As Microsoft is carrying billions of dollars of goodwill related to the Nokia purchase on its books, the […]

Things Connect Things

We don’t have to pour molten hot lead into copper matrices to make letters. We don’t have to typeset one page at a time, and we don’t have to make paper to print it all on. When an idea is ready to be published, we don’t even have to ship physical copies of that idea. […]