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What could be the most important scientific experiment of our lifetime is about to begin. The so-called Holometer Experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory aims to determine whether our perception of a three-dimensional universe is just an illusion. Do we actually live on a 2D plane, as a holographic projection? There is a well-established […]

Beastie Bak

Awesome Kickstarter project, Beastie Bak: I am looking to finally print some rare and unpublished photos that I took of the Beastie Boys in the 80’s. I have been looking through the pictures that I took from 1983-87 around the time I did a shoot for their album, “Licensed to Ill” and all the tour […]

Technology Identity

When a new technology emerges, it behaves like the technology that came before it. Moving pictures acted like photography. Television acted like radio. Cars were designed like the carriages before them (yes, that’s where the word “car” comes from). And so it is for the first generation of smartwatches (aka “wearables”) with their skeuomorphic analogue […]

Psychological Jobs

Apparel is the word describing every garment, shoe and accessory product sold and amounts to about $1.2 trillion/yr. This amount of money is not spent only to protect the wearer from the elements-any more than the money spent on telecommunications is spent to convey vital information. Most of the value in apparel, perhaps 80%, is […]

Copycat Samsung

BGR: Samsung continues to explain how hard it is to make an iPhone 6 ‘killer’: After explaining a few days ago how hard it is to make an iPhone 6 “killer” – the partially metallic Galaxy Alpha is considered Samsung’s response to the incoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6 – Samsung is back with more marketing nonsense […]

Flaky as Shit

Remember when you would talk to your friend—face-to-face or maybe over the landline telephone—and make plans for the weekend? Then a few days would pass and that weekend you would actually meet your friend where you had agreed to meet? This experience is foreign to a lot of people, particularly Millenials, the first generation to […]

Always Missign My Tpyos

At Wired, Nick Stockton on why it’s so hard to catch our own typos: You have finally finished writing your article. You’ve sweat over your choice of words and agonized about the best way to arrange them to effectively get your point across. You comb for errors, and by the time you publish you are […]

Weekly Exhaust Ep. 13: You Gotta Watch Out for the Wiry Guys

This week Michael and Bryan discuss apathy, smoke alarms, f!cking bagel Fridays at the office, Robin Williams, Über, Lyft and Airbnb. The episode opens with a binaural 3D sound recording from the Eau Rouge/Radillon complex at Spa-Francorchamps. Weekly Exhaust Episode 13

UI in Movies

My first thought when I saw the above UI Reel for Guardians of The Galaxy was, Those are incredible visual effects. My second thought was, these graphics look familiar. In particular, It reminded me of GMUNK‘s work (aka Bradley G Munkowitz). GMUNK has been working in the VFX world for around 15 years, most recently […]

Surface Purpose. Say that ten times fast.

PREMISE #1: Windows 8 was designed to make Windows relevant on tablets as well as desktops. PREMISE #2: The Surface 2-in-1 was designed to assist the transition of Windows 8 from notebooks to tablets. FACT: The current ad campaign targets the Surface at notebooks, not tablets. QUESTION: So what purpose does the Surface serve? CONCLUSION: […]