Monthly Archives: March 2014

You Have Been Schooled, Little Man

A 14-year-old, Suvir Mirchandani, told the government if they change the typeface they use they’ll save $400 million in printing costs. Grown-ass adult Thomas Phinney shuts down the kid’s lofty idea in every way possible. His first point: It is not the change of font to Garamond that saves toner; it is that their chosen […]

Empty Hustle

Over at his Empty Balcony, Larrick reviews American Hustle: I never had a hard time following the plot, I just found that telling a story was this film’s secondary purpose. Showcasing the actors was the first. Overall I agree with Bryan’s assessment, although I don’t feel quite as strongly as he does on the miscasting […]

We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Harold Meyerson (hat tip, Bryan): The bipartisan public policy that should raise the most suspicion is trade policy, which fostered the offshoring of more than 2 million manufacturing jobs after Congress normalized trade relations with China in 2000. But an even more fundamental factor in the declining share of working Americans is the technological automation […]

No More Compromises

Microsoft has been been saying since the beginning the advantage of Surface (coupled with Windows 8) is that it doesn’t compromise. It offers all the benefits of a tablet, with the productivity and power of a laptop. Now Office is available for the iPad. Microsoft has killed off its only supposed advantage and they can […]

Cheap Laptops Are Cheap

Sometimes I don’t understand what the fuck The Verge is thinking. They’ve done “a cheap laptop showdown” between a Chromebook and Windows laptop. The cons for the Toshiba Chromebook include: Feels flimsy in your hands Can’t run large programs like Photoshop Limited number of offline-ready apps We’re talking about a $400 shit-top. How are these […]

Becoming More Jaded Every Day

I caught this commercial during Meet the Press the other day. It’s hilarious. I feel like the tagline should have gone something like, “Being investigated for securities fraud? BDO.” Or, “Whistleblower exposed your Ponzi scheme? BDO.” How about this one? “Contributed to the collapse of the global economy while awarding yourself and other executives billions […]

Manpower Demand

From BGR: Apple is looking at further automating its production lines for popular devices including the iPhone, a new report from Taiwan reveals, with the company supposedly planning to automate production this year for its iPhone 6 batteries in order to “reduce its manpower demand.” Those pesky humans trying to do ‘jobs’, so silly.

kids in the hall

Noam Scheiber: In talking to dozens of people around Silicon Valley over the past eight months–engineers, entrepreneurs, moneymen, uncomfortably inquisitive cosmetic surgeons–I got the distinct sense that it’s better to be perceived as na├»ve and immature than to have voted in the 1980s. And so it has fallen to Matarasso to make older workers look […]

Fuck Flappy Bird

If you’re one of those people bitching about Flappy Bird no longer being available on iOS, I suggest you play Badland. The gameplay is great and much more varied than Flappy Bird, and the artwork is gorgeous.

Air Conditioner

How long has it taken a company to design a beautiful in-window air conditioner? Wikipedia says the ‘through-wall’ version was invented in 1935 by Chrysler. Quirky and General Electric just announced the Aros and it’s beautiful. So roughly 80 fucking years. Jeez. I say thank you, Nest. You’ve alerted people to the fact that there’s […]